Who we are

Global organisations, entities, and countries are facing increasing challenges in confident leadership. The enterprise value of organisations, entities, and countries is enhanced by the franchise value of their leaders; but few leaders have the required attributed transformative development that will project this Franchise value. Pinel works and walks with each leader in their peculiar circumstances, to uplift them from where they are to where they want to be.

We operate from our UK office, but function globally in collaboration with other global consulting firms, institutes, and individuals to serve you at your location and point of need.

How we work

We work with you
We walk with you
We build you
We transform you
We uplift you and place you in your desired position

Our vision:

Repackaging and repositioning leaders for the desired impact that will enable the transformation of the corporate and political world.

Our mantra:

Dependable, trustworthy, confidential; professional, and affordable. Through our years of rendering services to different clients, we have continuously refined and transformed our services to be specific, personal, confidential, and authentic.

Our Team:

We have a very qualified and experienced global team that offer services that address your peculiar needs wherever and whenever. We will send you details of our qualified staff that are fit to handle your special request or assignment at your location.

Our core values:

Respect for confidentiality
Valuing Diversity
Cultural savviness